Meet AM-X™️ - a platform to transform small computers into a fleet of intelligent agents. AM-X™️ continually programs and improves embedded devices to process sensor data information in real-time to extract and process information, that is truly needed. Offline, on-site, customisable to every need.

real time Detection and measurement

Process sensor data quickly and on-the-fly with AM-X™️. With an all-offline processing pipeline and on-board feature extraction, AM-X™️ works in environments where an internet connection is not available, too slow or too costly to implement.

adaptable software for small machines

Get all the benefits of machine vision for your hardware with your requirements. Self-customising and adapting to your use-case. With it's self-optimising software core, AM-X™️ minimises the computational cost of processing large amounts of image material. Choose smart software over expensive hardware. Each use-case comes with different minimum requirements for sensor and microprocessor.

Getting Better every day

Classical machine vision or pre-trained machine learning approaches fall short of adapting to new environments. Differing lighting conditions, sudden weather changes or dust on the sensor lens are fatal to the those approaches. AM-X™️ solves these issues by integrating difficult image material it encountered into it's continuous learning routine. AM-X™️ capitalises on machine learning's inherent advantage of becoming better with more data, thus, becoming more exact and more reliable as time passes.

Your data, your use case, your product

Training an intelligent machine vision algorithm from scratch is time-consuming and involves plenty of data management. AM-X™️ as a platform solution takes care of creating labeled data from raw sensor data, creation, training and adjustment of the software, deploying the newly trained algorithm and keeping track of performance over time.

AM-X™️ is designed to capitalise on data as a resource to it's fullest. By managing and equipping a fleet of small intelligent agents to gather your data and make them into your product. Suited to your needs.


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